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Astrology the Next Step

Maritha Pottenger

Complete Horoscope Interpretation - Go Beyond "Bits and Pieces" Astrology!

Open a whole new chapter in astrological history! Learn how to synthesize. Take a quantum leap beyond books which have sections on each planet in a sign, then in a house, then in aspect to other planets, etc. Experience how to quickly and easily spot themes within a horoscope - repeated messages that distill the essence of each chart and the personality which it reflects.

This Book is Delineation Made Easy!

Descriptions cover over 40 possible themes (plus other combinations) in more than 10 sections. Descriptive titles give you a feel for the perceptive interpretations. Sections correspond to major life areas, so you can quickly and easily tune into and grasp the major issues of particular interest. In addition, gain a rapid Overview of each horoscope with the instructions provided.

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