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What Astrology Can Do For You

Maritha Pottenger

Astrology looks at the connections between you and the planets. The heavens are like a mirror - reflecting human drives, desires and tendencies. Understanding our drives (strengths and weaknesses) allows us to cope more successfully with our lives. Being aware of cycles ("up" and "down" times) allows us to plan better for the future.

Astrology can be used as a tool for vocational analysis, relationship enhancement (with parents and children, romantic partners, employers and employees, etc.), and looking ahead (for taking action at optimum times) thus contributing to business and personal success.

Astrology, when used with insight and common sense, can contribute to self-understanding, increased personal fulfillment, great relationship satisfaction, more business success, improved timing, more tolerant, loving and growthful interactions with children, and an increased sense of life's meaning, purpose and order. Why not explore some of the benefits astrology can offer you - today!

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