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1-Ring (B&W) Solar Return chart

Set for a Solar Return--This is the "BNC"—Astro's Basic Wheel Chart, black and white, with aspectarian and midpoint list. It has been said to have (and likely does have) more astrological information crammed onto one sheet of paper and neatly and cleanly presented, than on any other chart one can find—planetary signs, coordinates, declinations, distance values, full aspectarian, elements, modes... The possibilities are nearly endless for house systems, extra bodies, types of chart and more.

This chart format was one of the very first to be designed and programmed by Astro's founder, Neil F. Michelsen, when he first began Astro Computing Services in 1973. Now, more than 3 decades later, with hundreds of additional charts and calculation options to choose from among Astro's offerings, this BNC chart format remains our most frequently ordered product.

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Bodies available during checkout: Asteroids +$1, Black Moon Lilith, Ceres, Chiron, Dark Moon Lilith, East Point / Vertex, Eris, Halley's Comet, Hidalgo, Part of Fortune, Transpluto, Uranians +$1
Calculations available during checkout: Natal, Precession Corrected (Solar Return) $2, Relocation, Solar Return +$1
Data required during checkout: Chart Data (1 set), Current Location, Start Day, Start Month, Start Time, Start Year

1-Ring (B&W) Solar Return chart $7.95

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