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10 Common Questions About Astrology with Answers - Information Special


Here are some of the questions commonly asked of astrologers on various occasions from the vast general public who either know very little about astrology, or who have been previously misinformed. This information special is provided to help you to be pre... more

About Intercepted Signs - Information Special


Part of the calculation of a horoscope is the calculation of house cusps. These are divisions, like markers, that divide the chart into twelve sectors, like a pie cut into twelve pieces. There are many different ways of determining where these divisions s... more

About the 360 Degree Aspect Scan - Information Special


The 360 degree Aspect Scan is a 4-page listing of positions in the zodiac at which aspects are made to placements in your natal chart. The major aspects, like the square and trine, are quite easy to spot, but most minor aspects are harder to see.... more

Arabic Parts - Information Special


Arabic Parts are sensitive points in the horoscope that are based on symmetrical relations between planets or other positions such as Midheaven, Ascendant or house cusps.... more

Arc Directions - Information Special


Directing by Solar Arc is a method of forecasting current trends, based on advancing each position in the natal chart according to the arc of the secondary progressed Sun.... more

Aspects - Information Special


Aspects are angular relationships between the planets or between planets and points in the chart (such as the Ascendant or Midheaven). The aspects between the planets indicate the relationships between various drives and needs in our nature which are symb... more

Astro Keys - Information Special


Keywords and symbols for signs and planets, covering basic information on Astrology.... more

Astro's Black & White Natal Chart - Information Special


This information special illustrates and explains the style and format of Astro's very popular black-and-white chart.... more

Astrodynes - Information Special


Astrodynes are a procedure for summarizing and quantifying planetary interactions that has been fairly widely used among astrologers. In Astrodynes, the planetary positions are assessed for compatibility and strength of house and sign placement, and for t... more

Astrolocality Maps - Information Special


The house cusps of a horoscope are determined by time of birth and place (latitude and longitude). Often, people have moved from their birthplace. We never lose our natal chart; it is alwasy symbolic of our basic character and tendencies. But we can get a... more

Big Four Asteroids, The - Information Special


This information special discusses the Big Four Asteroids: Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta. (Although Ceres has been promoted to "dwarf planet", this information special was written before the Astronomers made the change.)... more

Biorythms - Information Special


Why is it that sometimes we're just "not in the mood?" That one may feel "up" one day and "down" the next is a facet of life experienced by almost all men and women at least since the beginning of recorded time. People have looked to psychology, biology, ... more

Calculating Composite & Relationship Charts - Information Special


This article discusses how Composite and Relationship charts are calculated. For interpretation, we offer the booklet "Interpreting Composite and Relationship Charts" by Joan Negus.... more

Celestial Sphere - Information Special


This color option offered by Astro represents the Celestial Sphere at the time of birth. (A sample sphere is reproduced on the back of the information sheet in black and white.) The Sphere is treated as if it were of finite size, being viewed from the out... more

Chart Comparison - Information Special


Chart comparison (also called synastry) refers to the art of comparing two (or more) horoscopes. Usually this is done for the purpose of analyzing the likely strengths and weaknesses of a relationship. Technically, however, comparing any two charts is cha... more

Charts for Unknown Times of Birth & Rectification - Information Special


This informaiton special gives guidelines on what to do if you do not know your time of birth and how to rectify. Rectification is the process of estimating a birth time from biographical information about an individual. The process of rectification is in... more

Choosing a House System - Information Special


A fair number of customers ask us which house system (among the nine we offer) they "should" use, or which one is "the best." If we had a quick, easy answer to that question, it would resolve a large area of astrological dispute. This information special ... more

Coalescent Charts - Information Special


Coalescent charts, which were invented by Lawrence Grinnell (Dhruva), are similar to composite charts except that they are based on harmonics rather than midpoints. The harmonics used depend on the relative positions of the planets in the individuals’ nat... more

Constellations/Signs-What's the Difference? - Information Special


What is the Zodiac? The term "zodiac" could refer to at least three distinctly different frames of reference: Constellations, the Tropical Zodiac, and the Sidereal Zodiac. This information special explains the differences.... more

Cusps, Signs & Houses - Information Special


Sometimes beginners are confused by the difference between houses and signs and about the term "cusps". This Information Special is about these three concepts and how they are related.... more

Custom House Tables & Custom Ephemerides - Information Special


There is no printed ephemeris for many historical periods you may want to study or explore. To fill this need, Astro offers you the opportunity to order a Custom Ephemeris Page for any month between 4000 B.C. and A.D. 2500. Pricing includes a $25.00 set ... more

Dials and Dial Charts - Information Special


Although rotating dials are primarily a tool of Uranian Astrology and Cosmobiology, they are so useful that many traditional astrologers use them as well. Bascially they serve as visual aspectarians. This information special shows the various dials and th... more

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Dynamic Astrology - Information Special


Dr R Roy Whitney invented a method of portraying on a graph the transits and progressions to a natal or event chart. The graph looks a bit like a graph of stock market changes. ACS offers Whitney's method in a slightly altered form. The difference is just... more

Eclipses and Moon Phases - Information Special


This article attempts to answer some of the questions ACS has been asked about the eclipse data given in our reference works.... more

Eris Information Special


Information on the dwarf planet Eris and its role in astrological charts.... more

Extra Bodies - Information Special


Extra Bodies: More planets....and other rocks! On our website and in our catalog is a list of free bodies that we will add to your chart wheel, as long as you request them at your time of order. Here is a listing of some of them: Chiron, Transpluto, Hall... more

Fertility Report - Information Special


The Fertility Report is based on the work of Dr. Eugen Jonas of Czechoslovakia. Dr. Jonas hypothesized that women have 2 cycles of fertility: (1) the menstrual cycle and (2) the astrological cycle. According to Jonas's work, a woman tends to be fertile a... more

Geodetic Charts - Information Special


A Geodetic Chart is a horoscope for a moment in time, just like a regular horoscope, but with one big difference. Instead of using the actual house cusps at the time and place in question, a Geodetic Chart uses a set of cusps which is a property of a part... more

Glossary of Astrological Terminology - Information Special


This information special is a glossary of astrological terminology and definition.... more

Graphic Ephemerides - Information Special


Graphic Ephemerides are another way to look at transits (the current positions of the planets). The concept arose from the Ebertin Cosmobiology school in Germany many years ago. The most commonly used graphs are drawn in the 45° format, which makes all 45... more

Harmonics - Information Special


Harmonic charts are another way of looking at the order in the universe. This same process is applied to each of the planets and angles to derive a harmonic effect. The calculation for harmonic charts involves first converting all zodiacal positions into... more

Heliocentric Astrology - Information Special


Helios, sun god of ancient Greek mythology, gives his name to this system of astrology, which looks at the cosmos from a Sun-centered perspective. A heliocentric astrological chart is calculated using the Sun's center as the point of observation. By contr... more

Hermetic Orbs - Information Special


Hermetic orbs are used exclusively by the Church of Light, and especially with Astrodynes, which can be calculated by ACS.... more

Hindu Charts - Information Special


This Hindu chart information special gives a brief overview of the chart and ordering options. Hindu charts use a sidereal zodiac, with either some standard Ayanamsha (with the HAY option), or a custom one. The Ayanamsha is the offset between the Tropic... more

History of Astrology - Information Special


History of Astrology - A brief overview Astrology: astra (star) logos (word). The "word of the stars" has been read as long ago as humanity first observed that the lights in the sky above them moved in patterns and cycles that they could relate to matter... more

House Systems: Comparison - Information Special


House systems are methods of dividing the sphere into 12 parts. Quite a lot of controversy exists among astrologers as to which of several methods "works" the best - or if, indeed, any of them work! (The latter point of view is generally held among Cosmob... more

How to Consult with an Astrologer - Information Special


These ten questions are among the most frequent ones asked of professional astrologers by people who request a consultation. They are answered here to guide you as to what you can reasonably expect an astrologer to do for you, so that you will get the mos... more

How to Read an Ephemeris - Information Special


An ephemeris is a collection of tables that show the positions of the planets. Usually some other data is shown, too. In this Information Special you'll learn how to look up the planets when you were born. Much of this is easier than you think.... more

How To Use An Ephemeris To See Transits - Information Special


The purpose of this information special is to help you use your ephemeris to see when you have certain transits. It will also show you how to determine the zodiacal position of the Moon for whatever date and place you like. The information special 'How to... more

How to Use Joyce Wehrman's 'Winning Overview' & 'Winning Transits' - Information Special


This information gives you information you need on how to read and mark up the Winning Overview and Winning Transit reports, with explanations of each.... more

Information Specials Set


The full set of Information Specials can be bound as a report or looseleaf, as you prefer.... more

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Kennedy-Oswald: Two Person Charts - Information Special


This Information Special is supporting material for AAA14X "Coalescent Horoscopes" as there was limited space in the booklet. This Information Special is not meant to be a stand-alone article; it accompanies the above mentioned booklet.... more

Lunar Phases - Information Special


This Information Special is compiled from excerpts of "The Eight Fold Cycle of Transformation" by Maria Kay Simms, which is an article accompanying the lunar phases tables in Neil F. Michelsen's 'Tables of Planetary Phenomena'. The only constant in lif... more

Notes about Horary - Information Special


Horary astrology is the art of ascertaining from an event chart how some event will proceed, or whether or not something will happen. The chart is calculated just like a natal chart, except that it is for the moment that a question is asked. Accurate timi... more

Notes about the Fixed Stars - Information Special


The Fixed Star report gives you an inexpensive way to explore an interesting and little-known side of astrology. In these notes you'll learn about the format of the report and some of the details about how it is calculated. An example, with birth data inc... more

Only Way....Teachers Guide - Information Special


Outline for teachers using the Only Way to Learn Astrology series.... more

Orbs (what ACS uses on various reports) - Information Special


What is an orb? An orb is how far off from exact you will let an angle be and still call it by this or that name. For example, a square is a 90 degree angle, but in different circumstances you can still call any angle from 85 to 95 degrees a square, while... more

Outer Planet Conjunctions - Information Special


Outer planet transits mirror issues that are vital and current for the collective mass of people. Inner planet transits do so too, but their aspects are so short-lived that what they mirror in people’s lives is not as noticeable.... more

Parans and Gauquelin Sectors - Information Special


This information special explains the Parans and Gauquelin Sectors. The relationship between two planets that simultaneously cross the same angle or two different angles is called paran (or paranatellon). For example, if Mars crosses the Ascendant at ... more

Racetracks: Latitudes and Longitudes - Information Special


This information special supplies a list of race tracks latitude and longitude.... more

Relocation Charts & Relocation Issues - Information Special


A Relocation Chart is a chart for the actual moment of a person's birth, but for a location other than the birthplace. These charts are very useful in studying the ways individuals react to living in various locations. In this article we will explain how ... more

Research and Financial Astrology - Information Special


This report lists the mutual transits on a daily basis.If you chose only the aspects and planets listed in the American Ephemeris series, there would be no reason to order this report since it would duplicate the printed daily aspectarian.The value in thi... more

Retrograde Planets & Secondary Progressions - Information Special


This information special offers material on Retrograde Planets and Secondary Progressions.... more

Return Charts - Information Special


One method of studying the current trends for an individual is with the chart of the moment when the Sun, Moon, or a planet returns to the exact position occupied in the birth chart. This places the transits into a framework that is specific to the indiv... more

Sidereal Zodiac versus Sidereal Time - Information Special


An overview of the difference between the Sidereal Zodiac vs Sidereal Time.... more

The Lost Astro Options of Atlantis! - Information Special


We mean this title tongue-in-cheek of course, but there are several options that Neil Michelsen and others programmed here, sometimes for the use of one or two people. It seems a shame to let them be so underused, yet some are too obsecure to justify taki... more

The Planetary Profile - Information Special


Astro’s Planetary Profile was the first interpreted report to attempt a computerized synthesis of a birth chart. ... more

Time Issues in Astrology - Information Special


An explanation of standard and daylight time using history and anecdotes.... more

Transits - Information Special


Information on Transits - the positions of the planets as they are now (or at any given time period one wishes to investigate) compared with the houses and planet placements in the birth chart. ... more

Unified Progressed, Directed & Transiting Events - Information Special


A variety of methods exist in astrology to examine current patterns and future trends. UPDATE (Unified Progressed, Directed and Transiting Events) allows you to combine as many as 19 different systems within one report! Because your UPDATE report is es... more

Uranian Astrology and Cosmobiology - Information Special


Uranian Astrology and Cosmobiology are two schools of astrology that originated in Germany, roughly during the times of World War I and World War II, respectively. They have since acquired large followings among astrologers in other countries as well, chi... more

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