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Harmonics - Information Special

Harmonic charts are another way of looking at the order in the universe. This same process is applied to each of the planets and angles to derive a harmonic effect.
The calculation for harmonic charts involves first converting all zodiacal positions into the 360 degree circle. Thus, 5 Cancer 48'28" would be 95 48'28" of the circle. Next, each position is multiplied by the appropriate harmonic. (E.g., for the fourth harmonic, we multiply each position by four. Our example would thus become 380 192'112", which equals 383 13'52".) Next, any extra whole circles (360 degrees) are subtracted out. Thus, our example becomes 23 degrees and 14 minutes, when rounded off. The final result is converted back to zodiacal positions (or left in terms of proportion of the circle with decimals for those who request).

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