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Heliocentric Astrology - Information Special

Helios, sun god of ancient Greek mythology, gives his name to this system of astrology, which looks at the cosmos from a Sun-centered perspective. A heliocentric astrological chart is calculated using the Sun's center as the point of observation. By contrast, the more common form of astrological chart is calculated from the vantage point of a specific place on Earth. This is called geocentric astrology.

Heliocentric positions are useful for both mundane and personal astrology. Heliocentric astrology lacks some of the major factors that are found in geocentric astrology, such as the Moon, all of the houses, and the Lunar Nodes; and there are fewer differences among the heliocentric charts of individuals born on the same day than among the geocentric ones. This does not alter the fact that heliocentric astrology is useful for the study of individuals.

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