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Astrological Alchemy


Worried about your upcoming transits? Stop worrying and take charge!! Transmute your base transits into Golden Opportunities! In this little treasure of a book you'll learn the basic themes of each transiting planet and the varied ways each can manifes... more

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Astrology for Career Success


Subtitled "How to Analyze Career Choices and Timing," this book, by an experienced astrological consultant who has specialized in career counseling, is a significant contribution to "how to" books about astrology. Here you will find detailed case studie... more

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Astrology for the Light Side of the Future


Laugh while looking ahead! Kim takes you on a unique tour of the planets - with a kit for each one. Your Mars kit includes a sword, a copy of Rambo, a Swiss army knife, a chip for your shoulder and health insurance for yourself and your victims! Lea... more

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Future Signs


How to make astrological predictions. Learn to interpret the signs in the heavens and take charge of your future! Since ancient times it has been thought that the planets and stars were created as signs to help direct us along our path. Use this book t... more

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Only Way Book Series


Yes! It is the Only Way! Here you have six books that begin at the beginning with basic natal astrology, and then take you through, step-by-step to learn a wealth of astrological tradition and techniques, from the basic principles and how a chart is con... more

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Only Way to Learn About Horary & Electional Astrology: Vol 6


Volume 6 presents horary and electional astrology Horary Astrology is the art of interpreting a chart set up for the moment you ask a question. The horoscope reveals the answer! Electional Astrology uses astrological principles to choose a time to "... more

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Only Way to Learn About Relationships: Vol 5 - Synastry Techniques


Only Way to Learn Astrology - Volume 5 presents Synastry Techniques: Comparision & Composite Charts March & McEvers begin with analysis of the natal chart. It is important to understand the relationship needs of each person before considering two (or m... more

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Only Way to Learn About Tomorrow: Vol 4 - Current Patterns


Volume 4 presents CURRENT PATTERNS: Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Solar and Lunar Returns and Transits Within this book, March and McEvers discuss all the major techniques that allow the astrologer to look ahead (forecasting) along with... more

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Planets On the Move


The Astrology of Relocation When you change your place of residence, you change your horoscope! *Discover the meaning of new aspects to the angles-Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and IC. *Learn how aspects to house rulers, house placements of ruler, s... more

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