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Magical Child Art Chart (no poem)


This version of our Magical Child Art Charts does not include the poem. It has the same general design as our other Art Charts, in that the name of the person for whom the chart is calculated appears above the chart wheel and the full birth data is print... more

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Magical Child Art Chart with Poem (Color, Natal only)


This Magical Child Art Chart makes a colorful addition to any child's room. It has often been ordered as a gift for new Moms! The child's Sun Sign character appears in the center of the chart, and his or her name is printed just above the chart. The Sun ... more

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Magical Child Art Prints


Decorate your child's room with these colorful Sun sign prints! Or, gift a new Mom with her new baby's Magical Child Sun sign print. The scroll on each picture is personalized with the child's name and birthday. The little poem speaks to some primar... more

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Magical Child Bookmark


These colorful bookmarks, each with a soft tassel, are laminated for long durability, and measure 2-1/2" wide and 8-1/2" long. Each features one of the zodiac signs and the poem from the series designed by Maria Kay Simms for her book, Your Magical Child.... more

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Magical Child Note Cards


Here are the colorful Your Magical Child zodiac characters on 3" x 5" notecards, blank inside. Celebrate your inner child! Send cards to friends on their birthdays, or perhaps you might use the cards all in your Sun Sign (or your child's Sun Sign) for ... more

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Your Magical Child - 3rd edition


Newly expanded 3rd Edition! Grandma added updated experiences for her children and grand children. Look up tables have been extended from 1985 - 2035. Sage Guidelines for "Star" Parents This book has everything you need to understand babies and chil... more

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Your Magical Child report


Your child is born with his or her own special magic in unique personality characteristics, style, and talents that in young children may not be all that easy to spot, especially if you're primarily looking for your own expectations. Astrology can help yo... more

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