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Archetypes of Astrology


"Unlocking the Mysteries of the Planets, Signs & Houses." This book is an interesting and enlightening introduction to astrology for any reader, even one who is entirely new to astrology. It is also an enriching and enjoyable read for an experienced ast... more

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Astrological Discoveries


Writing Patterns for Analysis and Rectification. Within this book you will find a wealth of interesting astrological and spiritual topics. First among them is how an author's horoscope and birth data can be discovered through analysis of his or her pat... more

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East Joins West


Chinese Astrology for Western Astrologers This very interesting new book will tell you what your sign is and what it means. Learn about the twelve animal signs and their hours--each sign is assigned to an hour. Six signs are for the hours from sunrise ... more

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Inviting Eris to the Party


Our Provocateur in unfair affairs. The first Astrologer to dub Eris the Provocateur, Amy Shapiro reveals a hidden meaning to Eris' golden apple! When the Goddess of Discord inscribed "To the Fairest" on her apple, it was a pun exposing the other goddesses... more

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Moon Tides, Soul Passages


The subtitle of Moon Tides, Soul Passages, "Your astrological cycles for personal and spiritual development" capsulizes the intent of this book about the lunar phase cycle in transit each month, the phase in which you were born, and how you progress thro... more

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Twelve Wings of the Eagle


Our Spiritual Evolution through the Ages of the Zodiac. In a light, conversational style, the author has traced the spiritual evolution of western civilization through the precessional ages of history and a detailed study of the biblical Genesis. Her n... more

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