Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Romance

Rique Pottenger
Maritha Pottenger

All ACS Software is now upgraded to run on Windows XP, Vista and 7, and includes the full ACS Atlas database in encrypted format. The Nodes, formerly an "add-on" are now included within all Electronic Astrologer programs and upgrade CDs.

Analyze and rate the overall romantic compatibility of any two individuals. You can instantly receive a wealth of information to help you decide about potential partners or learn how you can enhance an existing relationship. Print extensive reports. See a two wheeled chart to easily spot connections between partners.

Use the special score sheet to rate partners for sexual sizzle, attraction, affection, togetherness, close comfort and overall "love line".

Read descriptions of how each couple handle issues of self-esteem, communication, love, assertion, sex, home & family.

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Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Romance $74.95

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