Power of Eight Software

Rique Pottenger
Maria Kay Simms

Programmed by Rique Pottenger, this CD-Rom creates a report keyed to the book by Maria Kay Simms, "Astrology and the Power of Eight." The software is programmed for Windows computers, but may be run on any MAC with a PC Emulator. The newest MACS come with it already installed.

Each report has six pages: Page 1 lists name, birth date, time and place, followed by a list of natal positions keyed to chapters in the book that interpret phase, sign, and house of Moon, house of Scorpio, sign of House 8, sign and house of Saturn, plus positions of Ascendant and IC. Beneath that is a lifetime listing of dates when each of the 8 progressed lunar phases begin, with Moon and Sun positions for each date.

Page 2 lists dates of the 8 phase cycles of transiting Saturn to Natal Saturn.
Page 3 lists dates of the 8 phase cycle of transiting Saturn to birth Ascendant.
Page 4 lists the dates of 8 phases of transiting Saturn to birth IC, the point of endings and new beginnings.
Pages 5 and 6 lists dates that each of the eight transiting lunar phases begin for any full year of your choice.

See how and why the phases--the eight so-called "hard" aspects: the conjunction, four semi-squares, two squares, and the opposition--are actually the "action" aspects, in effect when the most important events in our lives occur, be they difficult, or our most highly successful times!

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