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Carol Sandy, of Clark, New Jersey, has been an astrologer for 30 years. She has an atrological business offered primarily through her website, Astro Window,

Carol makes a special point, in her business, of reaching out to people who are new to astrology, and offering them introductory materials. For example, she has self-published other introductory books, such as The Sun Sign Life Guide. This fourteen page guide is given to each of her clients as a free extra wth a Natal horoscope reading. It has informaiton about Sun signs, but also introduces the Solar Return chart and its preparation. Carol's thrust is to encourage her readers and clients to become more centered and connected to the higher self. She specializes in natal and compatibility readings.

Carol also is an active blogger, and uses this medium to teach astrology through her "Welcome to the Astro Window Classroom." See her articles and lessons wiht assignments in the archives. You'll find links on her website, or just go to:



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