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Maria Kay Simms, professional astrologer for over 30 years, is the founder and head of Starcrafts LLC, a New Hampshire publishing business. Maria and her husband, James L. Jossick, acquired the assets of the former Astro Communications Services in mid 2008, and have reactivated the chart service under its original name of Astro Computing Services. Starcrafts LLC was formed in late 2004 as a business entity under which Maria published her book, Moon Tides, Soul Passages.. Later, she obtained permission from the former Astro Communications Services, Inc., to publish a new full century ephemeris based on the programming and format of Neil F. Michelsen, but with updated data and added features. She contracted with Rique Pottenger, former head programmer for ACS, for the updating. The result was The New American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, 2000-2100 at Midnight, Michelsen Memorial Edition, published in 2006.

As background for the above: Maria became Art Director for ACS in San Diego in 1987 and subsequently married Neil F. Michelsen, the founder and president of ACS. Following Michelsen's sadly unexpected illness and death in 1990, Maria became administrator of the business and served in that capacity for eight years. In 1998, she sold her interest in ACS in order to move east to marry Jim, a New Hampshire businessman. Over the years, ACS declined considerably under its new owners. Primarily because of her feeling of responsibility for the preservation of the Michelsen legacy, particularly the "American Ephemeris" series, and also for the continued viability her own work and those of other authors, Maria ultimately realized that the best, perhaps only, way to accomplish what needed to be done was to reacquire ACS.

Maria, who holds a BFA degree from Illinois Wesleyan University, began her career as a public school art teacher and artist. Her career peak in art was in the early 70s in San Francisco, where she exhibited with three prominent galleries, and began also to do some commercial art work, including writing and illustrating her first book, "Fashion Kit," for Troubador Press. It was an art project book based on fashion design for young girls. Also, in 1973, she began studying astrology. Years later, now in Connecticut, Maria formed her first business, Mystic Arts, combining her interests in a metaphysical shop with art gallery where she also taught classes and sponsored events. Currently, although astrology clearly became dominant, she paints, exhibits locally and through her personal website, and once again does the graphic art work for ACS/Starcrafts.

From the beginning of the 80s, Maria became involved with astrological organizations. She earned professional certification from American Federation of Astrologers (PMAFA) and National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc.,(CA NCGR) in Consulting. She served as Publications Director of NCGR for a decade, and in 1998, was the first woman to be elected Chair of NCGR. She served as Chair for six years and is now on the NCGR Advisory Board, and the Advisory Board of Kepler College. She is a member of ISAR, AFAN and Association for Professional Astrologers International.

In addition to Moon Tides, Soul Passages, Maria's astrological books include Your Magical Child, Future Signs, The Witch's Circle, A Time for Magick and Dial Detective, which is considered to be a classic in Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology. She is also the author of two popular ACS personalized reports, Planetary Guide to Your Future and Your Magical Child, is the creator of the ACS art charts, and contributed the transit text for Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Future software program. A presenter at numerous astrological conferences, who lectures internationally, Maria is profiled in the Marquis references: Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World.


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