Happy Birthday, Aries!

The general characteristics of your personality are outlined below and will give you some insight into what “makes you tick.”

The position of the sun at your birth is a key to your self-esteem, where you want to “shine,” how you seek recognition and attention, and symbolizes your basic vitality and creative spirit.

Of course, you are much more than just your sun sign -- with an interpreted report based on your specific birth data, you will learn about the meaning of all the planets in your chart, your rising sign and much more. More info...

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With Sun in Aries, or strong planetary emphasis on Aries, cardinal fire , you have a natural impulse to be first…Number 1, in the lead. Image a real Ram, pawing the ground with impatience, head butted down with horns ready to charge forward, and if someone or something stands in the way, watch out! This is, in part, a seasonal symbolism since 0° Aries marks the first day of spring, the Vernal Equinox. Energy that has been dormant or slowed down through the winter now surges forward, as each day we see signs of new life and growth emerging from the earth. Most everyone feels it within, as well, and looks forward to new activity. So, we might say that with Sun in Aries (or Aries rising, or a predominance of cardinal-fire in your chart), you have a perpetual sense of springtime within. You have spirit and initiative, and are the one who is ready to take the lead and to spark new interest in others.

You don’t “beat around the bush” about what you want or what you think. Independence is your style, and you are at your best when able to do things your way. When others procrastinate or waffle about what you think needs to be done, your patience can be pretty short. If you overdo that Aries energy, you could come off as pushy and/or selfish.

You are direct and forthright, but short on diplomacy. Still, you are the spark that gets things going, and you are willing to take a risk for an idea you believe in. As such, you are likely to be drawn to entrepreneurial pursuits, or to self-employment. You may do well on your own…especially if you have other signs and aspects in your chart that reflect staying power and financial savvy. Though the Sun sign is important, few of us are pure types. But if fiery Aries is definitely your dominant type, then employ or partner with someone who is good at what you are not, and be willing to respect that balance, at least part of the time.


The following cycles are based on your sun sign and represent general trends over the next year. For more detailed information at a special price, Astro’s Planetary Guide to Your Future will provide you with a wealth of information on short-term (daily, weekly) and long-term forecasts based on transits to your specific birth chart.

Jupiter is in Cancer for all Cancer birthdays this year. This means that youf Sun sign is squared by transiting Uranus in Aries and also by transiting Pluto in Capricorn and opposed by transting Mars is in Libra. For some of you, depending on how close in degree your sun is, may have your Sun, for a very short time, forming a Grand Cross with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. First of all, DO NOT think this means doom! Some, especially those new to astrology, think squares are bad, but this is not true at all in many cases. Mainly squares are just strong. Trines can pass by barely noticed. Squares represent ACTION—something is happening! Just remember that in one way or another, we ALWAYS have choices as to how we experience what’s goiing on in our lives and what we will do about it. Indeed, these aspects could represent something good that is happening in your life. After all, Jupiter is in the mix. Jupiter-Uranus can mean something big, fortunate, or expansive that happens suddenly or in a way that you didn’t expect. Jupiter-Pluto suggests growth and power. This can be a time when you could learn, do, and/or accomplish something significant, or it could be a time when you are seeing results from something you’ve been working hard to achieve. Jupiter-Pluto is about claiming your own power to accomplish what you want to do. In your solar houses, Jupiter would be in your solar House 4 of the home, so that might the area where you are making some positive changes.

Saturn is in Scorpio, your solar house 8, the natural house of Scorpio, and is moving slowly retrograde at 23° Scorpio as your solar year begins, and will be retrograde at no less than 22° Scorpio for all Cancer birthdays. Saturn turns direct at 17 Scorpio on July 20. The 8th house and Scorpio relate to that which you share with others, be it power, finances, resources, matters of intimacy and sex, or matters involving death. Scorpio is a sign of transformation, and how well you deal with 8th house issues can be transformative—in a positive sense, if you direct your energy positively.
This transit of Saturn in your solar 8th house is, in a way, a continuation of Saturn in the 7th, in that it involves your understanding of the give and take involved in your close relationships—spouse, partner, “significant other.” Saturn calls for acceptance of responsibility wherever it transits. Issues between you and another person very important to you may be emotionally intense, depending on how much you believe is at stake in the issue at hand. Be open to “give and take” and seek compromise. Do what you must….and let go when you must, with grace and with integrity.

On December 23, 2014, Saturn will pass into Sagittarius, your Solar House 9. Matters of this house include ideas, philosophy, religion, legal affairs, higher education and possibly travel that takes you to distant places or cultures that differ from your normal way of life. This is a time when you could learn a great deal, so explore and study whatever will benefit you in your goals in life. Saturn calls for personal responsibllity and ethics here, so keep this in mind, too.

Uranus continues in the early to middle degrees of Aries throughout your solar year. This planet of the unexpected and of change turns retrograde at 17 Aries on July 21, 2014, and then turns direct at 13 Aries on December 21, which also happens to be the day of Winter Solstice and New Moon in Capricorn. This is likely to be quite a strong New Moon, likely a good time for beginnings for those who have something signficant to set into motion. At the time of the retrograde, Uranus will be square Venus at 14 Capricorn and Pluto at 13 Capricorn, which suggests that whatever is going on, it may have a connection with Venus—romance, beauty, money, art...? .This transit will, of course, be strongest if your Sun is in the middle degrees of Aries—the very first few days of April.
With a strong Uranus transit, we often feel restless about something, and possibly more frustrated about it during the retrograde period. A key thought one is likely to have with Uranus conjunct Sun is, “I want to be free!” What you may want to feel free about can vary widely, but whatever it is, you’ll need to find an acceptable way to express it. If you are feeling more stressed than usual, take it as a sign that you are resisting changes that you know you ought to make—that need to be made. If you suppress, the energy has a way of coming out anyway, but maybe not in a way that you’d like. So, take the lead, rather than waiting for things to happen.

Uranus is often associated with change—the status quo must, in some way, no longer remain static. Somehow you need to shake it up, or something outside yourself might do that for you. You obviously have more choice if you lead whatever is changing, rather than resisting it. When you lead, you have far more choice in how things develop. Uranus is freedom…perhaps freedom you’ve craved, or maybe you didn’t. But, nevertheless, something significant is changing . Flow with it, learn from it and a liberating new beginning can be in your future. The presence of Venus in Cancer, your solar house 4, suggests that desirable areas for change could involve beautifying your home. Or if you share your home with others, do something epecially nice to for them.

Neptune is in Pisces, your solar House 12, and is still in the early degrees of Pisces throughout your solar year and well beyond. This year it is just arriving at 6° Pisces when Aries birthdays begin, and will rise only to the 7th degree before retrograding June 9th. At the time of your 2015 birthday, Neptune will have risen all the way to 8° Pisces.

With Neptune in the 12th house, you may be drawn toward artistic, charitable or spiritual activities, or possibly to psychic realms. Or, you could, in some area of life, be experiencing a slow disillusionment or period of confusion about something in your life that will lead you to a revisioning and ultimately, a profound change. Gradually, over the years, you may have developed feelings of lack in some aspects of your life. If so, it’s important to avoid falling into any negative forms of escapism. Seek new knowledge during this transit, By the time it is over you may not have all the answers, but you will most likely have a far better sense of yourself as a spiritual being than you did previously.

Pluto is in Capricorn, your solar House 10. This is this is the House where you test your sense of power and control in your world—your career or the life activity that matters the most to you in terms of recognition by others. Pluto here could be a time of extra push to succeed, or the transformative aspect of Pluto could reflect your decision to redirect your primary focus, or even make a career change.

Pluto in Capricorn also represents a challenging relationship to your Aries Sun. This has to do with your ego and how you handle your personal power. In one way or another, Pluto always relates to transformation. Something in your life needs to be redefined, eliminated, transformed or rejuvenated. Pluto’s movement into Capricorn is still fairly new. This year’s transit is from 13° Capricorn, with retrograde at that degree April 14, then back down to 10°58 near the end of September when it turns direct again. At the time Aries birthdays begin in 2014, Pluto is at 15° Capricorn. So, this transit, as well as the ongoing square of Pluto with Uranus, is especially strong for you if your birth Sun is also in the middles degrees of Aries, which would be birthdays in the first week of April.
The Uranus-Pluto square combines themes of excitement, tension and the unexpected. It is change with transformative power. Something in your life will likely be ichanging. How you handle that change is within your own power of choice. It is best that you lead the change by acknowledging what needs to be transformed—which may be something within yourself—then claim your own power of self-mastery. When you dig in your heels and resist change, outside pressures eventually force the issue, and may do so in ways that are not to your liking. So, open yourself to self-reflection and self-mastery. This may take some time—Pluto transits do not fit into your typical Aries preference for the “quick-fix,” But openness to transformation can mean rebirth into a new and more fulfilling life.

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