Happy Birthday, Gemini!

The general characteristics of your personality are outlined below and will give you some insight into what “makes you tick.”

The position of the sun at your birth is a key to your self-esteem, where you want to “shine,” how you seek recognition and attention, and symbolizes your basic vitality and creative spirit.

Of course, you are much more than just your sun sign -- with an interpreted report based on your specific birth data, you will learn about the meaning of all the planets in your chart, your rising sign and much more. More info...

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Your glyph is similar to a Roman numeral 2, and your sign is usually depicted as Twins. In older tradition it's usually been male Twins, but more often in recent zodiac art, you'll see a man and a woman—or sometimes, just for fun, birds—but however you sign is depicted, there are always two. Your element is Air, which is primarily associated with the mental realm, with thought and communication—and you may quite often be of two minds—or maybe even more!

You have a very busy mind--always thinking, always learning, and you may also be quite articulate in communicating your thoughts. Likely you're adept at multiple means of communication, too, and are skilled your hands in putting all kinds of things together. Gemini often has a natural dexterity and versatile skills with the ability to multi-task, and juggle several projects at the same time. You like variety, and may have several talents and interests that compete for your time and attention. With your restlessness and love of change, you're ready to "go"—to see and experience new places, new things, new ideas.

You like to socialize, and are adept at circulating, but unless other signs and aspects of your chart provide emotional empathy, you prefer to stay more on the surface and in the mind, avoiding deep emotionalism in relating to others. Always curious and open, you tend to think young, and may also maintain a youthful appearance, even into your senior years. .

Generally able to connect well with other people, you can share fascinating bits of knowledge with them, and generally put them at ease in conversational settings. Your youthful spirit and eager curiosity add to your appeal. Alert and eager to learn, you may pick up much data from the people and environment around you.


The following cycles are based on your sun sign and represent general trends over the next year. For more detailed information at a special price, Astro’s Planetary Guide to Your Future will provide you with a wealth of information on short-term (daily, weekly) and long-term forecasts based on transits to your specific birth chart.

Jupiteris in Leo on your 2015 birthday. This is your solar House 3, so the Jupiter theme can be a time when you grow and expand in all of your abilities to communicated. Speaking and writing can flow more easily than usual. Be alert to opportunities for further education to broaden your horizons and improve your skills. You can become for versatile and sell your ideas more effectively. Relationships with neighbors, relatives and siblings may be improved, and you can derive benefice through your interactions with them.

Saturn is retrograding in Sagittarius on your 2015 birthday. This is your solar House 7, the house of partners (spouse or perhaps a business partner). In some way you may be called upon to take responsibility for handling well an issue that arises between you and a “signficant other.” If you handle it well, the relationship can be improved. The lesson of Saturn in this house is about handling your close relationships fairly, responsibly and in balance with the needs of each person involved. What do you expect of the relationship, and what does he or she expect from you? As much as you might prefer, the needs of one of you may not support the needs of the other one. If this is so, then can a compromise be reached? Do not suppress issues that may be in conflict. This is the time to deal with them. Be fair and achieve a balance of mutual respect between you and the "significant other."

Uranus and will continue in Aries into 2018. This year it will make its closest aspects to the Sun degrees of Gemini natives whose birthdays are in the second week of June. If you have your full natal chart and know that you have other planets at or near 19 and 20 of a sign, Uranus aspects those planets, in challenging aspect especially if they are in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. As for your Gemini Sun sign, Uranus in Aries forms a harmonius sign relationship, so that, in itself, is good. Still, during all of 2014 and also well into 2015, a square between transiting Uranus with transiting Pluto has a theme of tension and transformative power. This has coincided with sudden upheavals on the world scene that have far-reaching consequences for many.

If, in your own life, the Uranus-Pluto combination reflects sudden, perhaps very unexpected, changes in your personal life, as well as in the world around you, then your major assets will be your natural Gemini traits of flexibility and versatility—so be prepared to use them! Aries is your solar House 11, which relates to group activities. Uranus here could mean that you’ll be meeting new friends who expose you to new ways of thinking. Your goals in life may change into something you’d never thought about before. If your thinking or goals change, that may meet with resistance from older associations who will pressure you to NOT change, and this could cause some inner struggle for you. Still the impetus is for change, so if you’re not able to get your old friends to accept the “new you,” you may ultimately move on to new friends and goals that are compatible with who you are becoming.

Neptune with direct, retrograde, then direct motion again, will still be in the Pisces for this solar year, as it was during the past year and the year prior. This year Neptune is 10° Pisces at the time Gemini birthdays begin, then retrogrades at 10 degrees June 12, then returns to 9°48 in mid July, does not turn direct again until mid November. and still be in the 9th degree until March 14, 2016, when it finally makes it to 10°.

Pisces is solar House 10 for Gemini Sun, the house of your career and status in life. Your ideas and beliefs may have changed during Neptune’s long transit of your solar Ninth House, and that may now be influencing how you experience Neptune in your solar House 10. One possibility could be overidealizing what you “do” in life, of wanting to do it perfectly, or of being overly concerned with status. Or, you could be so overly concerned with pleasing others that you neglect aspects of what you need inside and what you need out of life. Resulting confusion could lead to a reexamination of what you do and where you really want to go with that. You shouldn’t live your life according to the expectations of others, at the sacrifice of your own inner needs. Overall, Neptune’s transit in Pisces is likely to be about discovering your own sense of inner purpose.

Pluto is a quincunx relationship to Gemini, and that aspect could be felt most strongly this year by those of you whose birthdays are in the middle of Gemini (early June). Pluto, with retrogrades and directs, will travel only between 13° and 15° of Capricorn throughout your entire solar year, retrograding at 15° April 17, 2015.

Pluto has to do with redefinition, elimination, transformation or rejuvenation. During this year, as in last year, it should be considered in relationship to the square from transiting Uranus. In solar houses, for Gemini, the focus on solar House 8. This could mean that you could become intensely involved with issues involving money and/or whatever shared activities or assets you have with a partner. Some of your basic assumptions about life and the world may undergo changes, perhaps strongly so. At worst, if you are behaving unethically in any way, it could be a challenging time. At best, it can be a very enlightenng time, when you are open to learning, and changing, in ways that will improve your life.

It is likely you already have some sense of what areas of your life are calling for transformative energy, whether or not such urges have yet come fully to the surface.During all of the years of this Pluto transit though your solar House 8, you may go through multiple transformative experiences in how you work in partnership with signficant others, and in how you handle your resources. Learn all you can and remain open to learn even more. With Pluto, it is important that you take the initiative in changes that you need to make in your life, or within your inner thinking.

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