Happy Birthday, Leo!

The general characteristics of your personality are outlined below and will give you some insight into what “makes you tick.”

The position of the sun at your birth is a key to your self-esteem, where you want to “shine,” how you seek recognition and attention, and symbolizes your basic vitality and creative spirit.

Of course, you are much more than just your sun sign -- with an interpreted report based on your specific birth data, you will learn about the meaning of all the planets in your chart, your rising sign and much more. More info...

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The proud and regal Lion enjoys being the center of attention. Like you, he feels especially good when he's looking great or has something special to show or say. He wants everyone to like and admire him. There's some Leo in most anyone’s chart who seeks to take and hold the “stage,” regardless of whether it’s the Sun sign or other personal planets in Leo or in Leo’s natural house, the Fifth.

Creativity is a frequently used keyword for Leo, and creative expression is one of the primary things associated with Leo’s home within the natural zodiac, House 5. Think of all the ways creativity can be expressed and you’ll find that some of them certainly apply to you. You may be a good performer, who in one way or another, bring drama and sparkle to those around you. Your romantic and confident spirit is inclined to take a chance, and that can be both necessary and good, for few creative endeavors ever get off the ground without risk...although some types of speculation and risk-taking can lead toward gambling too much. So, it may be well to check your astrological transits first, and remember that old adage that says, “Don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose!”

Children are also a form of creative expression that is read from House 5. Many Leo types really love and enjoy working and playing with children, perhaps in part because a part of you is still very much in empathy with them and you love to play. Your youthful spirit is spontaneous, you so can encourage others—children or adults— to play and be entertained. You might involve yourself in leading sports or drama activities—the possibilities are endless.

Your youthful spirit is spontaneous, and encouraging to others to play and be entertained. Romantic gestures come easily and your joy in life helps others to find joy, too!

Likely you are also a romantic at heart, so romantic gestures come easily for you. When you express your joy in life, you can help others to find joy, too!

Sun is the ruling planet of House 5 and of Leo, and this fits quite well. The Sun shines brightly, warming the entire solar system, giving it life. With Sun in Leo, you like to shine, too—to excel and be well thought of in all you do, and you’re wiling to work and achieve to be deserving of praise.

Quite likely you’ll also be skilled at recognizing and encouraging the best in others, so you may make an excellent coach, trainer, cheerleader or just the friend or family member who's always ready to boost the efforts of others. Keep accenting the positive and others will also strive to do their best— and enjoy your praise.


The following cycles are based on your sun sign and represent general trends over the next year. For more detailed information at a special price, Astro’s Planetary Guide to Your Future will provide you with a wealth of information on short-term (daily, weekly) and long-term forecasts based on transits to your specific birth chart.

Jupiter is at home in the fire sign of your Sun, on your 2015 birthday if that birthday is no later than August 12. On August 13, Jupiter will move into the sign of Virgo. Leo is, of course, is the sign of your Solar First House, which is you—so you are on display, and however you show yourself to your world is emphasized, so make it good! This transit can represent opportunities that will open up for you, so be alert for them. Jupiter is expansion, a time when you can grow in a skill, if you apply yourself, or perhaps increase your ability to learn and to earn, or in any number of ways, show yourself to your world. But expansion can also sometimes have its downsides, if you are growing in ways that you’d rather not, such as your waistline, or by taking on more projects than you are really ready and willing to handle. And there can be a big difference in the response you get whether you are showing how well you can go, or just “showing off.” So, do be alert for opportunities, but at the same time, with awareness of just how much you really want to handle. Overdoing is neither necessary nor desirable.
If your Leo birthday is on or after August 12 through the 23rd, Jupiter will be in Virgo, your solar House 2. Now your focus and concerns are likely to be about what you value and what represents security to you. This might be a time you're most concerned about financial gain, but then it's often said that the best things in life are those that money can't buy. So, do what you can to make your financial position more secure, but do not focus so much in that area, that you are neglecting those values and what you have in your life that may not be material, but are even more important to your all-over happiness and your relationships.

Saturn is in Scorpio, your solar house 4, and moving retrograde when 2015 Leo birthdays begin. It turns direct on August 1 and moves on into Sagittarius, your solar House 5, on September 17 EDT. and will still be in Sagittarius on your 2016 birthday. Matters of House 4, your home, also include your heritage, parents, and whatever represents your foundation in life. Saturn, in any house, calls for responsibility. If there is a matter at home thait you've neglected or procrastinated in handling, this may be a time when you'll not be able to avoid taking action to resolve the issue. So, it is best to accept that and do the best you can. The responsibility factor of this aspect is likely to be most strongly felt this year by those whose birthdays are in the last few days of Leo (late August) since Saturn in Scorpio would be closely square the Sun.
In combining transits, it’s worthwhile to note that Transiting Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo are close enough in degree to be square each other to each other for Leo birthdays this year that are in July or within the first 11 days of August. Jupiter-Saturn aspects often relate to buildings and the establishment of structures. In solar houses, that would be a square between Jupiter in your House 2 and Saturn in your House 5. This could indicate a time when you are feeling a strong urge to expand but are also dealing with certain limitations. Your task, then, is to achieve balance...if, well, tipped just slightly toward expansion.
A firm foundation is the basis for accomplishment, so somehow you must avoid emphasizing one side of the polar energies of expansion (what you want) vs. the responsibility factor of Saturn (what you have or must do). If you can balance this properly, this can be a positive transit in which you can achieve, and take the steps that will increase your satisfaction in life. When you behave responsibly, you do your Saturn transit well, and as you should. Its in the avoidance of responsibility that Saturn transits can be difficult. We always have choices, and when we make the responsible choices, Saturn can stabilize and work out well for us.

Uranus is in Aries, your solar 9th house. and will be in Aries for your entire solar year. For Leo birthdays this year, Uranus will be slowly retrograding in the 20th degree of Aries, down to 16 Aries by December 26, then turn direct and reach 20 Aries by April 2, 2016. Uranus moves onward to 24°12 by the time that Leo changes to Virgo August 23, 2016.
In House 9, Uranus suggests opportunities to learn more about the world than you knew before, although since Uranus can be sudden and sometimes erratic or upsetting, it could also mean that others could challenge your views. Primary associations with House 9 are philosophy, higher education, religion and law—all potentially controversial topics. Taking a class or classes that interest you would be a good way to express this transit. The upsets that can be the potential of Uranus aspects can often be associated with closed mindedness and being unwilling to change, when maybe the change could be for the best, if you're not too stubborn to look at the possibilities.
As always, the true significance of any transit is not so much what outer world events are going on, but what psychological and spiritual changes occur within you, and the growth you can achieve as a result. Of significance to all of you, and to world, is the transiting square of Uranus and Pluto, which continues this year and beyond. The basic principle of these two planets in combination (as I wrote for my book, "Future Signs") is “sudden and radical transformation.” Certainly we’ve heard things that relate to that theme in world news this year, and likely we’ll hear more. Consider this transit, also, when reading about your Pluto transit, and which solar house that involves. Each time of the exact squares between these two outer planets, there have been news stories involving some type of upheaval. In our personal lives, especially if this transiting square is in close aspect to our personal planets, we should be prepared to be flexible and resourceful....and, hey—changes can turn out to be for the best in the longer run.

Neptune currently transiting at 9 Pisces retrograde in your Solar House 8, will retrograde to the 7th degree in mid-November, then turn direct and advance again to 11 Pisces for most 2016 Leo birthdays, although 10 Pisces 59 on the very last 3 days in the sign. Pisces is your solar House 8, a complex house that involves resources that you share with partners, secrets, endings, rebirth and your own capacity for self-mastery.
Neptune continues in Pisces for years yet to come. There is often a dreamy quality about Neptune, that in solar House 8, could mean over-idealizing your partner, convincing yourself that he or she can meet all your needs, or conversly that you can meet all of his or her needs. Sharing is a major issue of this house, so misunderstandings can develop in close relationships if there's a perception of that things are uneven. Or, you may want to give too much, or expect too much, and be unaware of hidden matters that could create future problems. That said, your imagination about anything hidden or or mysterious could be especially vivid. It would be better to probe a bit, and be very clear about what is going on than to let your imagination run wild.
If you need to borrow money during this period, do it in a strictly business-like manner, preferably from a bank. It is also best to take this same attitude if you are asked for a loan from a personal friend. Insist on a proper note. Anything else is prone to future misunderstanding.
As for yourself, an important theme of 8th House is self-mastery, so what you learn about yourself during this transit can help achieve that goal. Although self-analysis with an intimate partner may provide deep insights, this is also a time when an objective counselor or therapist could be beneficial.

Plutois at 13 Capricorn and retrograde for Leo birthdays this year. This transit will be most significant if you have Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven or other personal planets very close to the 11th degree of their signs. Pluto transits are transformative in some way, and this can be positive or negative. It will almost surely reflect some kind of change. Look to the matters of the house of your chart that Pluto is transiting for potentials of what area of your life may be involved, and by that I mean an actual chart based on date, time and location of birth. Solar houses can often work fairly well enough for a more generalized interpretation such as this one base on Sun signs and solar houses only , but not as accurately as a chart calculated for your own individual birth data.
In any case, Capricorn is your solar 6th house, so the transformative nature of Pluto, for Leos in general, may be applicable to your routine daily work, your habits and your health. Pluto likely reflects a strong need for control in these areas, so you could be dealing with trying to exert that control or perhaps reacting and adjusting to having to deal with something that may seem beyond your control.
The best way to achieve a sense of control is to deal with it upfront, rather than waiting for things to “happen.” Pluto is about self-mastery—if you don’t master yourself, you are challenged with something that will (at best) lead you to learn how! Focus on what you can change within yourself, your attitudes, your health and your own situation—NOT whether you can make others change. Self-mastery!!

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