Happy Birthday, Libra!

The general characteristics of your personality are outlined below and will give you some insight into what “makes you tick.”

The position of the sun at your birth is a key to your self-esteem, where you want to “shine,” how you seek recognition and attention, and symbolizes your basic vitality and creative spirit.

Of course, you are much more than just your sun sign -- with an interpreted report based on your specific birth data, you will learn about the meaning of all the planets in your chart, your rising sign and much more. More info...

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The perky little dove of peace is carrying the Libra Scales in its beak, filled with stars and hearts and a feather—happy and free with everything nicely balanced.

By nature, your preference is for balance and harmony in your sense of how things should be, look and behave. Harmony is also an important factor in your relationships with others. To say it quite simply, you like things nice. NOT nice is very discombobulating…upsetting, and throws off your sense of balance. So, you’ll do what you can to smooth ruffled feathers—those of any others with whom you’re interacting, and hopefully, also your own. Just giving in when faced with conflict doesn’t feel nice inside, but most likely you’ve developed a knack of finding compromise positions that can work for you and whomever else is involved. Indeed, you may be known as one who is skilled at resolving problems through mediation and diplomacy.

It is very important to you that things be fair. If they aren’t you can be quite strong about setting them right. Of course, you prefer peace and will strive to achieve it within all relationships, individual or in larger groups, but if you have to fight to right a wrong, you can be formidable, and when necessary, competitive, even militant. Within group situtations, you may excel at finding just the right point of compromise that will reconcile an issue to the satisfaction of all concerned.

A potential problem for you is in your tendency toward indecision or fence-sitting. Weighing and balancing alternate options is part of your nature, and sometimes that is a good thing. But at other times, too much procrastination of a definite decision can leave you stymied or just too late.

Most Librans have a strong sense of beauty. You care about looking attractive yourself and you also like to create beauty around you. This often leads to interests in the arts, particularly the visual arts, and perhaps to an artistic career. With your innate concern for the comfort of others, you most likely enjoy entertaining and your guests think of you as a fine host or hostess


The following cycles are based on your sun sign and represent general trends over the next year. For more detailed information at a special price, Astro’s Planetary Guide to Your Future will provide you with a wealth of information on short-term (daily, weekly) and long-term forecasts based on transits to your specific birth chart.

Jupiter is in Cancer, your Solar House 10 of career and public image. What you're doing may be more in the spotlight, so be sure its something you want spotlighted! This can be a time for recognition in your career...or what you'd like to be your career, so work toward achievements. But remember, Jupiter can be overdone—confidence becomes you, ego and arrogance does not.

Saturn is in Scorpio and will be in Scorpio throughout this solar year and beyond. In solar houses, this is your second, which represents your money, and Saturn can mean a shortage of it. In the current economy, this may sound like nothing new for you—and many others, no matter what their Sun sign. Keep in mind that Saturn in this house is not causing lack, but it does indicate that lessons must be learned here, if they need to be. Money will most likely be a problem if you are not handling it responsibly—or if your attachment to material things is so great that you are failing to appreciate the many important things in your life that money cannot buy. In that latter case, examine your situation honestly and then arrange the structure of your life so that your priorities are adjusted appropriately. If you're feeling insecure about what you have, think about this: the only real security you truly have in life is within you. Nothing can take away your resilience, your resourcefulness, your discipline, your patience, your integrity...and so on. Work on these things, and also refocus on your more spiritual and intangible values in life. When you do, you may find that other more mundane concerns resolve themselves.

Uranus is retrograding at 5° Aries, opposite your Sun Sign, as the 2013 Libra birthdays begin, and with directs and retrogrades, will end your solar year in 2014 retrograding at 10° Aries—so yes, again, things are not changing much from last year. If your birthday is from October 3 through October 6, you will have Uranus in very close opposition to your Sun, a major once-in-a-lifetime transit. One significant theme of Uranus transits is the wish for, or the need for. FREEDOM. You may be feeling restless and dissatisfied, perhaps about things in life that were once quite fulfilling, but somehow just aren't anymore. If you haven’t accomplished all you’d like—or even if you are quite successful—you may finding yourself questioning, “Is this all there is?” Aries is your solar House 7, so the tension or change may be related to partnerships, personal or business.

Uranus transits are about change, and often rather sudden change. It may be that during this transit, some event will cause your equilibrium to be disturbed—a job change, or a wish that you could to cut back or change work that once was important in favor of more time for a personal interest. Sometimes relationships will break up suddenly. Although upsetting, such things could be for the best, in the longer run...or if you're the one to initiate the change, you could later regret it.

It should also be noted that Uranus is in a long-lasting square to Pluto. There are 7 repetitions of this square into 2015. The combination is one of transformative change, quite possibly with upheaval, and an element of suddenness or surprise. This will surely be related to events of significance to the world, but there may also be changes in your personal life, especially if you have Sun, Moon, planets or the angles of your chart in the first 10 degrees of cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. It is always easier to deal with change if you are at least somewhat prepared for it, and especially if you LEAD the change, rather than wait for it to "happen," so think about that.

How dramatic such changes might be are more easily seen in context of the entire chart, but it’s almost for sure that there will be some type of significant change. The more you dig in and resist change, the more upsetting is the potential of this aspect. The Uranus theme of sudden upset is a often signal that change is needed--perhaps change that you've known inside was needed for quite some time, but have been avoiding. It will be far less upsetting and much more likely to have that sense of freedom that some part of you really wants, if you decide to flow with it, and maybe even lead it. Do what you can to grow through this transit. Deal with change as a new opportunity, and you can emerge with a new lease on life.

Neptune is at 3° Pisces on your 2013 birthday, and retrograde. It moves all the way down to 2° Pisces 41 by the time Libra birthdays end and Sun moves into Scorpio. Over the entire year until your 2014 birthday, Neptune will all the way to 7 Pisces 35, then retrograde on June 8, then go down to the 5th degre by the time Libran birthdays begin in 2014.

Pisces is the solar 6th House for Libra, the house most associated with work and health. This house also relastes to issues regarding pets, tenants, service persons you hire—basically any aspect of your everyday routines. With Neptune transiting here, we might suppose that the Neptunian quest for the idea and perfection could be in play, either in how you feel about your own job, or about the work others are doing for you. Every job has some things about it that you like and others that you don't, but nevertheless must be done.

Neptune seeks and wants the ideal. Recognition of how ideals and realities can conflict isimportant in enabling you to look beyond a dissatisfaction of the moment to the the larger picture, and thus avoid making a "mountain out of a molehill." Neptune is more favorable to work performed as a service, than to work you do just for your own benefit. So, if you're feeling dissatisfied and can shift your thinking and feeling toward a sense of higher purpose for what you do, you'll likely do far better with your own performance, and also in improved relationships with co-workers and/or those who work for you.

As for the solar House 6 health issues, the Neptune transit calls for extra attention to one's physical well-being. Especially avoid any negative forms of escapism (such as drugs or alcohol) since this transit suggests possible greater susceptibility. On the positive side, this transit may find you working more in an area of your spiritual ideas, or perhaps in caring for or helping others in this regard. Work in healing/helping fields is a possibility, or in spiritual healing.

Pluto is 8°59" by the time of Libra's 2013 birthdays begin, rises all the way to 13, then retrogrades, back to 11 for your 2014 birthday. The ongoing Uranus-Pluto square (described in Uranus, above) perfects on May 21, 2013 at 11°. This will make the closest aspect to Libra Suns born Oct. 3 through 7. Pluto square Sun means that something in your life is being redefined, transformed, eliminated or rejuvenated. By now you’re likely to already know what that is, even if you’ve been reluctant to admit it to yourself. If you don’t yet consiously know what it is, then sooner or later you’ll attract something or someone to yourself who will somehow bring the issue to the forefront of your attention. Then it is always easiest if you claim your own power to make the changes called for within your life, or within your head. If not, outside pressure will sooner or later force the issue.

For all of Libra, in general, Pluto is transiting your solar 4th house, where he will continue to be for many years to come. External events that significantly change your home life may occur during this transit, such as change of residence, or involving those who share your home. Issues with parents may be a factor. Or if it’s inner psychological changes you’re dealing with, a good thorough clean out of cluttered closets could be just the ticket for helping you sort out your mind and think through what life changes you need to initiate. Outer events often are reflective of inner changes that need to be made. If you do the inner work of Pluto’s directive toward self-mastery well, you’ll emerge from a Pluto transit much more fully your own person, and much better prepared to use your personal power wisely.

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