Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

The general characteristics of your personality are outlined below and will give you some insight into what “makes you tick.”

The position of the sun at your birth is a key to your self-esteem, where you want to “shine,” how you seek recognition and attention, and symbolizes your basic vitality and creative spirit.

Of course, you are much more than just your sun sign -- with an interpreted report based on your specific birth data, you will learn about the meaning of all the planets in your chart, your rising sign and much more. More info...

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Shoot that arrow for the stars, Sagittarius! Your symbol in the Magical Child zodiac is winged horse, with a little red brand of the archer’s arrow on his flank. Your element is fire, so the arrow you shoot may be flaming as with high optimism you will confidently aim it straight to your target, and the "target" can represent your future goal. A major keyword for you is enthusiasm. Likely you’re good at any kind of sales or promotional pursuit. With trust in your luck, you’ll take a chance, and may often win because you have an instinct for spotting opportunity. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and you can take the lead in getting others to join you and your cause, whether it’s a party, or any pursuit you’re excited about.

Your range of interests is likely to be very wide. That party-goer Archer in the Astro’toon is no lightweight. He (or she) is also quite likely a scholar. As the natural sign of House 9, Sag is a seeker who’s always learning and more than willing to tackle the hard questions with no pat answer like “Why are we here? And, “where are we going?” Both student and teacher, you’ll explore all sorts of topics—religion, philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality—as you search for the Truth, and develop your own opinion of just what that is. Meanwhile, you’re likely to want to talk about it, to anyone who will listen. Sometimes you can be so determined to promote the truth as you see it, however big or small, that you completely blank out the realization that maybe you’ve stepped on a few toes in the process. (Tact and diplomacy are not your forte, but are nevertheless sometime advisable. The old adage “open mouth, insert foot” can sometimes, ruefully, apply.) That said, when you really believe in something, others can be swept along with you, confidently because you are!

With your interest in so many things and an adventurous spirit, it’s likely that you’ll travel often, and perhaps widely in many lands. But, if not so physically, you’ll certainly travel through your mind with a lot of reading and through various electronic media. Though you may be seen as a happy-go-lucky party person when young, as you grow, learn and develop wisdom, you may also be regarded as sage. Live life to the fullest, and it WILL be a great time!


The following cycles are based on your sun sign and represent general trends over the next year. For more detailed information at a special price, Astro’s Planetary Guide to Your Future will provide you with a wealth of information on short-term (daily, weekly) and long-term forecasts based on transits to your specific birth chart.

Jupiter is in Cancer, your solar House 8, the house that is about the resources you share with a partner—marriage, business or “signficant other.” What you may be sharing could be joint finances, or just about anything that you share or in some way consider to be “ours.”

Jupiter, in your solar House 8, is currently moving retrograde in a wide opposition to Pluto in your solar House 2. Both Jupiter and Pluto are square to Uranus in your solar House 5. This T-square will become stronger as Jupiter continues to retrograde until quite close in early March when he then turns Direct at 10 Cancer. At that time Uranus will be 10 Aries and Pluto 13 Capricorn. So whatever this powerful aspect may mean, it surely won’t be dull. One good thing about anticipating transits is that we can then think about the various things they could mean and project—anticipate—our most positive choices. When we project “doing” strong transits well, we are far more likely to have a good experience of them than if we fall into the trap of worrying about what could be “bad” about them.

So, the focus of this T-square is on House 5, which is about what we love—romance, yes, but also activities, art, sports or whatever we consider fun. It’s about our creative expression, and that can include our children, if we have them. So, this T-square to Uranus in House 5 certainly suggests something happening of a 5th house nature that could be unsettling, unexpected, exciting, upsetting, surprising…all of those things are Uranian in nature. And, if we could figure our exactly what this transit might mean in advance, well…then it just wouldn’t be the nature of Uranus. Still, when we know our transits in advance, we are far better able to direct them in a way that we’d prefer, or at least be better prepared to handle them well when the time comes.

With the Jupiter-Pluto opposition in Houses 8 and 2, a need for balance in the handling of personal resources vs. jointly shared resources. The square to Uranus, here, could mean something unexpected happens that will involve those joint resources and/or something you are creating together. Certainly, here, it will be imporant that you are able to talk things over and decide together how you will proceed. The Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus T-square is closest when Jupiter turns direct at 10 Cancer March 6. This is likely a good time to be prepared to move forward.

Saturn is at 16ˆ Scorpio when Sagittarius birthdays begin in 2013 and will range from there to 19° Scorpio during the time Sun is in Sagittarius. This is your solar House 12. Saturn transiting one’s 12th house can be a time when it may seem that things that were very important to you in past years somehow wind down, maybe leaving you wondering it you ought to make some changes in your life. Or this transit could mean that you feel the need to make some kind of personal sacrifice—maybe care for someone who needs your aid. Or this cold be a time when you feel compelled to finish something that you feel is incomplete or must be done. In one way or another, you may be clearing your path so that you can move on, maybe in a new direction. Some withdrawal and introspection is a good thing now, so don’t deny that if you feel the need for it. Becoming more in tune with your spiritual life

Saturn rises to 23 Scorpio March 1, 2014, then turns retrograde on March 2, moves back down to 16 Scorpio before turning direct again on July 20. Saturn moves steadily forward then, for the remainder of the year, and passes into Sagittarius just prior to Christmas 2014. Saturn’s entrance into your Solar House One, the Ascendant, is sometimes called a “second peak” (“second” in reference to Saturn at the Midheaven, cusp of House 10, often referred to as a career peak). This can be a time when you “clear the decks” of something that no longer holds the interest it once did, In some way, we may reprioritize now.

Uranus begins the solar year for most Sagittarians at 8 Aries retrograde. For Sag born Dec. 17 or after, its 8 Aries direct. Uranus is movng along in close square to Pluto, still. Aries is your solar House 5 of creative self-expression. So, you do any kind of creative work, this is a great transit during which to focus on it. Let that creativity flow! Innovate! Consider how you can ttake the lead in opening up opportunities for yourself, and possibly also for others. Be creative and have fun in the process! This is a time to be open to change, to remain flexible, tuned in and ready to take a risk, especially when your own creative interests are involved. Try a new approach. Be ready to expect the unexpected and take advantage of it. Play!

In Aries, Uranus—planet of restlessness, unpredictability, tension and the unexpected—forms a cooperative aspect to your Sagittarius Sun. Uranus can be unsettling and tense, but it can also be innovative and creative. We ALWAYS have choices, so make sure you exercise your power of choice wisely!

Neptune is still in early Pisces on your 2013 birthday, as it was at your 2012 birthday. Neptune rules Pisces, so is especially strong here, in your solar House 4, the home. Fourth house transits of Neptune may reflect deep psychological changes, and might also indicate changes in your home life, currently, or within your parental home and/or involving your parents. Maybe you could be called upon to help care for someone in your family. Or psychologically, you might need to come to terms with a family relationship that undermines your sense of inner security, and create a greater sense of independence from that. A positive expression of Neptune in House 4, is to have space within your home where you can create beauty and have a sense of inner peace.

The sign of Pisces is a challenging relationship to your Sagittarius Sun. Again, as last year, Neptunian themes will be most strongly felt during this year if your Sun is in the early degrees of Sagittarius, or if you have other planets in your chart in the early degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo or Gemini.

Pluto continues in Capricorn for this year and for many years to come. It is at the 10th degree on your 2013 birthday, will slowly advance to 13 by the first of May, but then retrogrades on May 2. It moves back to 10 Capricorn until late September 2013, turning direct again on Sept. 23. So, at your 2014 birthday, 12 Capricorn again. Pluto is transiting your solar 2nd house, so its transformative theme may have something to do with your earning power or personal resources (solar House 2) which could be in conflict with what you do for pleasure or how you express yourself creatively (including your children) symbolized by the ongoing square of Pluto to Uranus, in your solar House 5.

Part of Pluto’s function is elimination—deciding what to get rid of vs. what is important to retain, what is valuable and what can be dispensed with. Already we can see the wider world dealing with such issues (hints of what a long transit of Pluto through Capricorn, sign associated with government and big business). We’ll all be dealing with that. But in terms of what we have and value, the theme may connect a bit more personally for those with Pluto in House 2. In the current economy, one 2nd House issue (for many) has been dealing with less material resources than before. Pluto relates to lessons of self-mastery, so this can also be a time when you learn to highly value less tangible but very important things in your life, and how you can draw on your own inner resources as you come to realize your own power to handle whatever comes your way.

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