Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

The general characteristics of your personality are outlined below and will give you some insight into what “makes you tick.”

The position of the sun at your birth is a key to your self-esteem, where you want to “shine,” how you seek recognition and attention, and symbolizes your basic vitality and creative spirit.

Of course, you are much more than just your sun sign -- with an interpreted report based on your specific birth data, you will learn about the meaning of all the planets in your chart, your rising sign and much more. More info...

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In the Magical Child zodiac, the Eagle, ancient symbol for Scorpio, dominates, though the little Scorpio, with a grin, comes along for the ride. The Eagle was associated in ancient times with the four corners of the world, when Scopio's opposing sign Taurus was cardinal east, and the four corners of the world were the bull, the lion, the eagle and the man. Eagle is actually a better symbol than the Scorpion to show the wide range of Scorpio's nature from the heights to the depths. Imagine Eagle soaring high above the fray, higher than any other, soaring to Spirit with strength and power...or fiercely descending in attack, talons bared. Whatever Scorpio decides to do, there is a great storehouse of inner strength, will, determination, focus, stamina and intuition to draw upon. That's a lot to say, but its true and the reason why Scorpio is considered to be a formidable sign of power. You who are Scorpio have a natural talent for strategy.

Scorpio emotions run deep and intense. Turned inward, this can mean tearing oneself up inside with jealously, anger or obsession. But with the control and self-mastery that a primary Scorpio strength to develop, you can commit, transform, accomplish whatever you set your mind to do.

The ancient planetary ruler of Scorpio is Mars, planet of action and courage. The modern ruler is Pluto, Dark Lord of the Underworld, and that connects Scorpio to the dark in many forms, including the psyche and the powerful unconscious mind. You can wield incredible control over all parts of your life. No matter what, you are a survivor—determined to the nth degree. Once you have made a commitment, you do not take it likely. You'll follow through no matter what. Doing anything halfway is just not your style. When you master your power for the good, you can be transformative and a strong force for manifesting good in your world.


The following cycles are based on your sun sign and represent general trends over the next year. For more detailed information at a special price, Astro’s Planetary Guide to Your Future will provide you with a wealth of information on short-term (daily, weekly) and long-term forecasts based on transits to your specific birth chart.

Jupiter is in Cancer on your 2013 birthday. This is a water sign that is very harmonius to your Scorpio Sun, also a water sign, no matter where within the sign of Scorpio the degree of your Sun resides. If your Scorpio birthday is in mid November, from around the 9th to the 18th, Jupiter is currently trine your Sun, an even more potentially fortunate aspect—so take advantage of it if there is something special you’ve been wanting to do. The one caveat would be OVERdoing—a potential downside of Jupiter aspects, even the favorable ones.
Jupiter in Cancer is your solar House 9. Jupiter is expansive, and is ruler of your Sagittarian solar House 2. An area that you might not wish to expand is too much spending (solar House 2) that would overstretch your budget—although alternatively, Jupiter in House 2 may mean opportunties to increase what you have to spend. House 9 is about higher learning, and travel, and Jupiter is strongly inclined to optimistism and faith in whatever your current enthusiam may be. This can be good if you are expanding your mind and opening yourself to new experiences. If you are a writer or a speaker this transit could be very productive—if could be quite a good time to seek a publisher or seek new opprtunities to present what you know. Legal affairs (another area of life read from House 9) should also go well, unles planetary aspects are very contadictory to the beneficial Jupiterian theme.
Jupiter turns retrograde November 7 at 20 Cancer, not to turn direct again until March of 2014, at 10 Cancer. It will be nearly the end of May before he arrives at the 20th degree. So, those of you whose Suns are in the last 10 degrees of Cancer, or in the late degrees of the other two water signs of Cancer and Pisces, will have Jupiter transiting in conjunction (Cancer) or in trine to your Scorpio or Pisces Sun sometime next spring.
Jupiter will leave Cancer and move into Leo in the summer of 2014, July 16 or 17 depending on your time zone. and will continue in Leo for the remainder of your solar year and into the next. Leo is a fire sign. Fire can warm water nicely, or make it boil. Leo is the solar 10th House for Scorpio Sun, and Jupiter here can be a good time for career.
insensitive to Water’s feelings. Alternatively, a gentle rain can freshen the air, and air can be the fresh breeze blowing gently across the water. We always a choice in how we express whatever astrological factors are in play.

Jupiter in Gemini is your solar House 8. This house placement is about the resources you share with others, and Jupiter here could reflect that you benefit from the relationship(s). As the second house from the 7th of marriage or partnership, Jupiter might be an indicator that your partner is successful, generous, perhaps tall (Jupiter is big!). Of course this can change in reflection of challenging aspects that might reflect potentially troublesome meanings for Jupiter such as exaggeration or extravagance. Jupiter is retrograde at about 15-13 degrees of Scorpio for your 2012 birthday, so this transit will be most significant to you if you have placements in your chart at or very close to those degrees.

Jupiter will leave Gemini and move into Cancer at the end of June 2013, and will continue in Cancer for the remainder of your solar year and into the next. Cancer is another water sign, and as such forms a harmonious relationship to Scorpio. Jupiter in the 9th house is strongly inclined to optimistism and faith in whatever your current enthusiam may be. This can be good if you are expanding your mind and opening yourself to new experiences. If you are a writer or a speaker this transit could be very productive—if could be quite a good time to seek a publisher or seek new opprtunities to present what you know. Legal affairs (another area of life read from House 9) should also go well, unles planetary aspects are very contadictory to the beneficial Jupiterian theme.

Saturn is in the range of 12-16 degrees of Scorpio for your 2013 birthday, so represents a close conjunction for those whose birthdays are in October through about November 10. Saturn conjunct Sun can feel burdensome, but it can also be a quite positive transit IF you are behaving responsibly and ethically in all that you do. This is a time when you can successfully organize, build and handle limitations quite effectively. It is not a light-hearted time, however. Your reponsibilities are clearly in the forefront. This could be the time when your efforts of the past fifteen years or so may bring you to a position of success, but at the same time that success may also bring a lot of additional responsibility. This may mean that while, on one hand, you are at a pinnacle, you might also feel burdened by it.

Alternatively, Saturn conjunct Sun could be a time when you face up to the fact that something to which you’ve given a good deal of attention just isn’t working out, so you’ll need to pick up what pieces you can, let others go, and then move on. This could feel discouraging, of course, but take it as an indication that you somehow need to redefine your structure. Think it though, make the changes that you need to make in order to improve the situation, and then move foreward again...even if that means moving away from something that was not working.

You have the inner strength to persever during this Saturn transit. Saturn is not a “bad guy” but he does insist that you handle your limitations, organize and build. Concentrate on making well-considered and disciplined steps forward toward your goals. If your methods and goals are good ones, you can make very solid progress during this transit!

Uranus is in Aries, your solar House 6. This could mean that adjustments or changes will be called for in your work, or needed in regard to your health, or perhaps both. Since the fire (Aries) and water (Scorpio) mix is not an easy one (imagine fire bring water to the boiling point, or water dousing fire down to a weak sizzle) Uranus’ themes include the unexpected, upset, change, and innovation. The transit of Uranus through Aries can be expected to be edgy for Scorpios, but hey—Scorpio is strong enough to deal with this, or most anything—and make the most of it. Just recognize that Uranus, in general, shows an area where we need more freedom. Change tends to involve that, one way or another, even though it may not be recognized as such at the outset. Scorpio is a fixed sign and none of the fixed signs like being pushed to do anything. A best way to avoid that is to use your strong intuition to foresee what might be called for and then if change is likely, take the lead on it. That way you may be able to “call the shots” yourself, rather than waiting for something to “happen” that then may not go quite the way you’d prefer, and does not like being pushed. So, it’s best to foresee that some change is needed and then lead it, rather than waiting for something to “happen.” That way you can also be better prepared to make changes work to your advantage.

This long term transit of Uranus will be most significant this year for those Scorpios whose Sun degree is in from about 9 to 16 degrees of the Aries. It is significant to note that Uranus continues to square to transiting Pluto. This is a combination that relates to radical transformative change. We’ll all likely to seeing forms of this happening in the world around us, and if the Uranus-Pluto square is in close aspect to personal planets in our individual charts we’ll quite likely be experiencing significant changes in our lives. Read more about this in the section on Pluto. Your Solar House that Uranus is House 6 of work and health, so you may be experiencing some kind of transformative change in one or both of these life areas. It is always best to take the lead, rather than wait for things to “happen” to you. So, take the lead in deciding on changes you may do well to take n order to improve your life!

Neptune is retrograde in the second degree of Pisces on your 2013 birthday, turns direct at 2 Pisces 35 on November 14. Scorpios whose birthdays are Oct. 24-28 have Neptune trine your Sun on your birthday this year. Neptune advances only to 7 Pisces 35 before retrograding June 9, and travels back to 4 Pisces 47 before turning direct on November 16th of next year. So, still the Neptune trine Sun is still closest for those Scorpios with October birthdays.

In equal solar houses, Neptune’s movement into Pisces involves your 5th house of romance, and creative self-expression, which could involve what you do in creative pursuites or play and sports, but it may also involve your children, if you have them—after all, you did participate in creating them! In this house, though, Neptune may behave somewhat like looking at the world through the proverbial “rose-colored glasses.” For one thing, you may over-romanticize love. Or you may be more tempted than usual to take risks—to weave the fantay that THIS time you’ll “win” whatever. So, it’s best to also remember not to be too quick to gamble what you can’t afford to lose.

Another possibility is of Neptune in solar House 5 is over-idealizing an object of your affection, or your children. Try to keep in mind that these favored others are humans like you, with bumps and flaws and things to learn in life. It’s no more fair for you to expect more than is humanly possible of them, than it is to expect perfection of yourself.

On the very positive potential of Neptune in House 5, creative self-expression could mean that your personal charisma is enhanced, so if you are in sales or in performance, you’re at the top of your game, able to “cast a spell” on your audience. If you’re involved in any of the arts, your imagination may be at an all-time high, such that this can be an especially productive period when your work gets favorable attention. And just think...Neptune will be in this house for a long time!

Pluto continues to move slowly through Capricorn, as he will for more than a decade to come. During this solar year for Scorpio, he begins Scorpio birthdays at 9°, advances to 13° by mid April, then retrogrades again, returning to 10° in late September, then turns direct. So, for your 2014 birthday, Scorpio—every Scorpio—at the 11th degree.

So, again, what can be said that wasn’t said last year or the year before about Pluto in Capricorn? The most significant thing to note again this year is the ongoing close square between transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto Especially if you have natal planets close to the same degrees as this square, you are likely to be experiencing significant changes, possibly sudden, in your life. Think about this interpretation in context of what was said about Uranus above.

Pluto in Capricorn, alone, is a harmonious relationship to Scorpio, but Uranus is potentially challenging. One or both of the houses of your chart in which these two planets transit may well be the site of major transformative change in your life. In your solar chart these are the houses of work or health (Uranus) and of thinking and communication (Pluto). Even in cooperative aspect, Pluto signifies that something in your life needs to be redefined, eliminated or transformed.

A potentially destructive trait of Pluto is being manipulative (either by overtly manipulating or doing it passively though withdrawal) or by experiencing manipulative behavior from others. Neither is desirable. If you do experience manipulative behavior, think of it as a mirror into which you can see yourself. and consequently improve your own communication skills, and probe your own habits of thinking. You may discover a talent for picking up innuendos, hidden messages and nonverbal language.

Pluto your Solar House 3 may be a time of self-questioning, perhaps in relationship to others within everyday life. The Scorpio penchant for control that is inherent in both the sign and in Pluto, Scorpio’s modern ruler, may mean trying to control through communication—talking a situation to death until others give in—or by withdrawing into a sullen funk until those with whom one wants to communicate come to see what’s wrong. Either of those alternatives is manipulative, and best avoided.

On the upside, this transit can be good for research and study that can add to your core of inner strength and power—power not over others, but over oneself. Great strength comes through power over oneself.

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