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2017 Astrologer's Datebook

The Maynard Calendars are here!

The Astrologer's Datebook is an astrological, week-at-a-glance, engagement calendar. It has exactly the same information and design as the Celestial Guide just in a smaller size.
As in Celestial Influences and the Pocket Astrologer, each day gives lunar ingresses, lunar phases, void-of-course moon, planetary stations and ingresses, aspects, holidays, and celebrity birthdays.

It also includes an ephemeris, explanatory text, an asteroid ephemeris, sunrise/sunset tables, table of ascendants, chart blanks, address book with space for birth dates and signs, and daily information for both Eastern and Pacific Time.

Astrologer's Datebook for 2017 is in full color.
It has a double-loop, wire-o binding. It can be left opened, perfectly flat and even turned-back on itself.

Includes Eastern and Pacific times, 4 x 6 inches, 176 pages, black & white illustrations, full-color cover.

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