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2017 Janet's Plan-its

Seize the right day! Astrologer Janet Booth draws on 37+ years of experience to explain the planetary movement and influences, recommending favorable times for important plans in this unique astrology calendar/planner/diary/almanac, in its 17th year. Like a cosmic weather report covering conditions affecting everyone regardless of one's zodiac sign, Janet's Plan-its appeals to novices, students and professionals.

Readers use it to the depth of their astrological knowledge. Customers say, "ingenious," "easy-touse daily guide," and "exactly what I want in an astrology calendar!"

A list of the best and worst days for various activities is invaluable for scheduling.

Each day is rated as to its ease or challenges with a message suggesting what energies may be encountered or utilized. Times (in Eastern and Pacific) when the Moon enters a new sign or begins a condition called Void of Course are noted. Weekly highlights give an overview of the current factors.

Additional features: the next year On a Page (showing retrogrades and moon cycles); extensive footnotes interpreting planets' entry into signs, shifts in apparent motion and interactions with other planets, New and Full Moons and Eclipses; resources and links for further exploration; ephemeris reprinted with permission from ACS Publications; Dietrech Pessin's Moon Family table; and articles by guest contributors: health indications for the signs by medical astrologer Diane Cramer and moon phases (with recommended rituals) by astrologer Maria Kay Simms. BONUS: coupon for $25 savings on Janet's services. Made in the USA. Suitable for North American time zones only.

For thirty-five years, Janet Booth has interpreted the planetary movements for students of astrology, the public and a growing international clientele. She has a gift for making a complex science simple to understand as she brings her knowledge of astrology to teaching, writing, consulting and broadcasting. Her monthly show, Looking Up, is on award-winning West Hartford Community Television in Connecticut and viewable online on their website. Janet has a BA in Behavioral Studies from Drew University and astrological certification from the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Her second family is the Astrological Society

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