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Micro Mini Astrologer for 2020

State of the art data in an easy to use mini calendar format, spiral bound.

All Data given in Date, Time, Degree, and Minutes.

Lunations Table Listing all Phase Times, Dates, Positions, and Midpoints.

Aspeciarian includes Parallels and Contraparallels.

Primer included for the Novice and Intermediate.'

Size: 4 1/4" by 5 1/2"

Aspect data and charts were generated by Solar Fire 7.3.

TOM JEROME ROMA holds professional degrees in Engineering and Music. He has been published in leading scientific journals He is known for his predictive accuracy, his sense of humor, and is in constant demand as a lecturer and teacher. His best selling annual is in its 25th consecutive edition. In addition to a busy consulting practice, he teaches and lectures extensively in the US and abroad. He also pursues a career as a concert and jazz pianist and composer.

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Micro Mini Astrologer for 2020 $8.95

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