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1-Ring (8 color) Chart Package (Natal only, aspects, key sheet)

This special one-ring 8-color chart was designed by Patty McPhie who was Astro's chart servces manager back in the 1990s. She wanted a chart that had all the special things drawn in that she liked to work with, and this chart was the result. It turned out that many others liked Patty's format, too, so this option continues to be ordered frequently.

A key sheet is included with more information on the graphic chart wheel and all that's drawn around it. The chart, itself, comes in full color with aspect lines drawn in the center of the chart, an aspectarian grid, and diagrams drawn as Patty would have done, to define which aspect configurations she considered particularly important.

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Bodies available during checkout: Asteroids +$1, Chiron, Dark Moon Lilith, East Point / Vertex, Halley's Comet, Part of Fortune, Transpluto
Calculations available during checkout: Lunar Return +$1, Natal, Progression, Relocation, Solar Arc Direction +$1, Solar Return +$1, Transit
Data required during checkout: Chart Data (1 set)

1-Ring (8 color) Chart Package (Natal only, aspects, key sheet) $12.70

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